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Your Yoga Journey begins with you and your mat. Make small steps to leap in to boundless possibility and flexibility. Love yourself and respect your body. Stay young, active and healthy and enjoy this beautiful life to the fullest!!

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Aerial Yoga classes are a fun and unique way to workout! Classes are done on suspended fabric hammocks. We concentrate on core exercises and upper body strengthening. We invert to decompress the spine and combine yoga asanas in the air! The fabric allows us to get into deeper stretches while supporting our weight. 

You will wake up muscles you never even knew you had all while just monkeying around!! Classes are 60min. long and do require some upper body strength! FUN for all ages

Ages 11t

Tuesday's 5:15p



$20 (single)



Power Fit Yoga is a really FUN class!!! It was designed for those who are looking for a little more  of a workout than just yoga. We begin class with 30 minutes of warming up the body and melting calories with cardiovascular exercises sometimes including equipment that will get the heart pumping and the body jumping. We end class with yoga  stretching and final relaxation. So you will leave feeling bliss...

Anyone can do this class, and are encouraged to move at your own pace!

This class will truly make you appreciate Yoga!!

Ages 11t






Zen Yoga offers a more gentle yoga class geared for beginners or for those looking to calm the mind and body through deep stretching linked with breath. Escape the hustle and bustle with this extremely relaxing and beneficial class. We concentrate on poses that help us gain balance and flexibility while calming the mind and alleviating stress. 

All ages welcome!!!!




$12 (single)


Hoop Fitness is a very FUN workout!!! We use FXP weighted hula hoops to strengthen and tone the body!!!! Don't worry if you don't know how to hula hoop, we do a ton of different exercises with the hoop besides your average hula hooping!! 

Learn new workouts to do at home and have fun while getting FIT!!!!